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How To Get Your Doctor's Attention

Here's fun bit about our puzzles from customer Cat M. of Portland (thanks Cat for permission to share - hope you're feeling better!):

I just have to tell you - I had several of your puzzles with me when I was in the hospital recently, and many of the nurses and doctors who walked in the room were just entranced by them.

They'd never seen anything like them and they went on and on about the colors and how good the pieces felt. They all knew somebody who would just love these. One of the nurses took the pamphlet that was inside the box of my new puzzle.  Two other nurses wrote down the company name. One nurse said she ordered one the same night.

The funniest part was that a doctor came in and stood by my bed and started putting my puzzle together. Usually those hospital docs are so busy that they can only stay for a couple minutes. But she couldn't tear herself away from the puzzle. It was probably a welcome break in her day! While she was working on the puzzle, a couple nurses came in and stood around watching over her shoulder. It was pretty remarkable.

These things are addictive!

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