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Coming Soon... soon to be more exact

We got 2 different requests this last week to update our Coming Soon! page with more exact dates. So we can only imagine how many of you are quietly annoyed about our lack of precision on this point.

Admittedly, "Coming Soon" is a bit vague, and our use of "Coming Eventually", while more accurate, is even less precise.

And it's October 2014, so the puzzle listed as "Coming Spring 2014"... well, that isn't helpful at all.

Well, we hear you. And we're going to renew our efforts to give you better estimates of what's coming out when.

We'll update all the puzzles by the end of this week that we plan to have in stock before Xmas.  There's a few more we plan to come out with in Winter 2015. Anything left with "Coming Soon" means we do plan to make it, but really don't know when. If you are particularly excited about one of those let us know and we'll try to get to it sooner.

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