Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Customer Joan R. shares her suggestions for framing wooden puzzles...

Thank you for your excellent suggestions, Joan! Framing wooden puzzles can be tricky, but ultimately, it isn't much different than framing any other kind of work of art. The real trick is to keep the puzzle together while it is being framed. Joan accomplished this by using a sticky backed product just for this kind of thing.  

Puzzle Presto Puzzle saver sheets:
Approx $10 for 6 sheets, for puzzles up to 
29 inches x 21.5 inches.  

Once the puzzle has been stabilized, it can be attached to a backing, and put in a frame either with or without matting. Many of our puzzles are not standard frame sizes, and due to thickness of the wood, may not fit in every frame even if they are matted to fit. You'll want to make sure the frame will accept that thickness. Many framing shops will cut mats for you, which will help keep the framing costs reasonable. (Custom framing can be quite expensive, but it is pretty!)

Some common standard frame sizes are:


Here is one of Joan's finished framed puzzles! Gorgeous! 

More suggestions for  framing puzzles earlier in our blog

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