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People's Favorite Puzzles

We surveyed the kind and generous folks who purchase our puzzles, and here are what people are telling us are their favorite puzzles (spoiler alert - the most popular choice...

We surveyed the kind and generous folks who purchase our puzzles, and here are what people are telling us are their favorite puzzles (spoiler alert - the most popular choice is Burden of Formality!):


I really like the replication of famous artworks.
Garden of earthly delights - Bosch. Liked the way the pieces connected.
Paul Klee's Fish Magic with the drop-out pieces by puzzle designer Maria Berg.
Starry Night by Van Gogh! It was one of my first Artifact Puzzles and I really like impressionist paintings. I have done a fair bit of your puzzles and have enjoyed them all! If you ever need testers ...... 
I love the Kevin Sloan puzzles. I am beginning to appreciate the puzzle designer almost as much as the artist. My kudos to Tara Flannery for Burden of Formality and Migration of Knowledge. Magnificent designs! 

The Jaguars dyptych is my all time favorite puzzle. It was very challenging but I loved every frustrating moment. What a beautiful puzzle in so many ways!

Brady's cercles et des carres. I love the big curvilinear pieces - they feel so good in the hand. And the colors are so scrumptious that each piece is like a work of art in in itself. I have to stop and savor each piece for a moment before I put it in the puzzle!

Barnard- Dragon Mountain - colors, shapes and intricacy.
Burden of Formality, because of the creative edges.
Migration of Knowledge is easily my favorite. The puzzle's unique pieces and size made it fun to put together with family.
Building my puzzle library....only have 1 so far and this purchase will make 3.
Sea Squirts - all the variety of color and pattern.
Starry Night - it is one of my favorite paintings, and I love the unusual piece shapes.
Love all of the Kevin Sloan puzzles. Love the piece shapes. All wonderful!!! 
Jaguars is my current favorite.
This is my 2nd puzzle. I will be back for more. THANK YOU.
I think Dufy's Boats puzzle might be a favorite - it just makes me happy to do it - wish it were larger. Also like "Open Window". Guess I like simple, cheerful puzzles with an interesting twist. I really like the Matisse flowers, but it was quite easy. Just finished Klee's pink puzzle - very challenging, but beautifully designed. Impossible to pick one favorite.
I have enjoyed everyone that I have gotten - work with them all the time.
I have 9 of your puzzles so far, and Klimt Death and Life has been my favorite thus far. I liked the large, whimsical skull that started to appear as I worked right to left on the puzzle more so than individual whimsy pieces. 

Kevin Sloan Burden of Formality, because of the superlative design.
I am currently working on the Henri Matisse Flowers puzzle. I like how the [we had to cut this part so it didn't ruin some of the surprise of this one].
Fruit of Dreams because of the bright colors. I find the slight difference in colors and shades very difficult in Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.
My newest current favorite is Open Window, by Juan Gris - also love the Karen Kunc abstract.
Isabelle Plante La Connaissance, because of the colors and the whimsical pieces, and I love books.
My favorite is whatever one I'm working on. Thanks for the lovely puzzles. I'm having a summer of chemotherapy and it's a great distraction, so beautiful to work on.
Great question. I have 9 puzzles. My favorite was Piero di Cosimo "Liberazione di Andromeda". It was very challenging (too me a while to get the "hang" of the Greek key thing) and I like the mythological subject matter. I'm not into cutesy animals and artificial pastel colors. 
We love them all! But in general we like the more contemporary artists.
Cats and Doves - cat person Owl Internet Cafe - like busy puzzles
If I'm limited to a single choice, my favorite (today) is Klimpt Hope. I love the the colors and the way the swirly pieces fit together.
Impossible to pick just one: I particularly liked the Juan Gris, the Boats, Karen Kunc, the large piece monster puzzle, Plant According to Rules, and Sleeping Princess.
"The Past" (currently being revised - ed.) was my favorite until this week, when I did the Mechanical Griffin. It was fascinating, but not too complex to frustrate.
We have done 21 of your puzzles and every one was a favorite... It would be hard to choose because each puzzle is uniquely different from the other .we really enjoy the whimsy's and is fun to find them again when you show off your puzzles. I have many of our flat surfaces with our puzzles. I just can't bring myself to take them apart. They truly are works of art.
The Van Gogh starry night one, the pieces were creative and it was fun to find them.
Diego Mazzeo Mechanical Griffin my most definite favorite! 
Turtle with books [Kevin Sloan The Messenger] was a gift and a delightful discovery of your wonderful Artifact puzzles.
Kevin Sloan Burden of Formality - love the elegant irregular edges and especially the inner pattern formed by the puzzle pieces that complement the theme of the image. The level of detail of the puzzle pieces that form their own image is as artistic as the image, more so, actually, and this is the reason why I continue to buy APs. I've never liked puzzling before too rote, jigsaw patterns all in a row and predictable - Ugh! However, as long as AP makes puzzles like this, I'll remain a loyal customer. And Tara Flannery - ah, what an artist!
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