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Some Fun Stuff

Puzzle designer and polyartist Maria Berg has come out with a couple cute books for little ones, featuring photography of stuffed animals - 
Gator McBumpypants Hears a Scary Noise and the sequel Herman Learns to Fly.  These are fun bedtime stories that might inspire a family photojournalism project with your little ones. 


Had fun this fall putting together a couple paper craft projects from someassemblyrequired.
They've got a bunch of neat pre-cut 3D things to build at quite reasonable prices.
I did a set of their Xmas trees, like the one pictured below, but mine came out a bit less perfect-looking.
In fact, I'm not actually very good at putting these together, but enjoyed futzing with them nonetheless. My friend Sara came by and laughed at my craft-ineptitude and declared her 8 year old daughter could do a tidier job, but as my friend John Davis once said, there's always someone better than you. In this case, dextrous 8 year olds.

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