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Bokuyo Forest Successfully Beta-Tested!

Last November we sat down to try out the new design for the Bokuyo Forest puzzle.

We stared at the 700 pieces of tangled forest, we moved a few pieces around the table, but eventually, we backed out. This is our largest, hardest puzzle ever, and it was just too darn hard for us to beta-test ourselves.  

But we wouldn't want to sell a puzzle without someone trying it out and making sure it was fun, and so in the fall newsletter we asked for serious puzzlers to volunteer.

We selected two intrepid and veteran customers who took on the challenge, and we are delighted to say they both completed it, proving, importantly, that this puzzle is doable, and apparently takes a mere 15 hours or so if you're focused. 

They report it's fun, though you better be into hard, big puzzles!  There is a lot of connector variety (mushrooms, acorns, leaves) and an extensive set of forest whimsies to keep it interesting, but still, we hear it is very challenging.

The beta-testers did kick up a few minor problems we'll need to fix before we can get it out to the rest of you - probably in-stock in late February.

Here's a sneak peak (from the back) - can you spot the piece that needs fixing?

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