Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Jig Things Puzzle Boards for Wooden Puzzles

A couple customers asked us last Xmas if there were good puzzle boards for wooden jigsaw puzzles. 

Customer Susan Kaput recommends Jig Things puzzle boards (thanks for sharing!):

"I use jig things puzzles boards all the time for doing puzzles - the flat, non-slip surface is perfect for wooden puzzles.  I have the one for smaller puzzles and the next size up for larger ones. Since I don’t do cardboard ones (or one of your triptych puzzles), I don’t need anything larger. I can work at the dining room table, and when I need the space I just pick up the board, puzzle and all, and move it to another room. Someone gave me a jig things carrying case as a gift. I don’t carry me puzzles around, so I’ve only used the large board that comes with it. The set does look like it would work well, and seems well designed."

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