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Get Lost in The Bokuyo Forest (689 pieces)

This is the first puzzle we have come out with that looked so hard (pictured below) and was so big, that we couldn't test it ourselves.

Luckily a couple customers volunteered to beta-test it, and ironed out a few little issues.

If you're into fiendishly hard puzzles, this one is now in stock!

Here's what beta-tester and customer C. B. has to say about it:


Organic, Healthy, Fun!

Bokuyo Forest Diptych looked a bit daunting to me, so many trees and leaves, which are usually the hardest parts of a puzzle, but if you are familiar with Artifact Puzzles, the delightful whimsy pieces, exquisitely designed connectors, make this puzzle both challenging and a pleasure.
It is big; it requires some time and effort, but it isn't "too hard" or impossible.
The forest theme, trees, birds, creatures, leaves, plants, mushrooms, lend well to the very organic process of growing the puzzle, from the whimsy shapes themselves outward, until they all connect beautifully.
Because of its sheer size, the beginning is the hardest part and it gets easier and easier, but it does have surprises and obviously wasn't intended to be easy.
 I've done enough Artifact Puzzles to know that a flat edge isn't necessarily an edge piece. Not all of the pieces are similar in size or shape, there is a surprising bit of diversity here.
It is a somewhat irresistible puzzle, that invites others to join in the fun and participate in finding the forest, despite the trees.
It is beautifully crafted and a real treasure.




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