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Six New Puzzles Selected for 2015

It is always difficult to decide which images to make into puzzles.

We really appreciate when you guys vote on images by taking our surveys that pop up after you order from the website. But we needed a little more help to narrow down some choices for 2015.

In our last newsletter we invited 20 customers to join an experimental Patron Puzzle Club, and receive 4 puzzles of our choice out of 15 they could vote on.

Based on their votes, we've chosen 6 new puzzles to add to Coming Soon! for 2015.  We'll probably make more this year, but here's an early look at what's coming:

Albert Bierstadt: Valley of the Yosemite 
Jan Vermeer: Art of Painting
Renoir Dance: at Le Moulin de la Galette
Monet: Woman with Parasol
Severin Roesen: Flower Still Life with Birds Nest
Spencer Gore: Icknield Way


We'll get all 6 of these images up on the Coming Soon! page in a week or so (or you can see these at


Three of these six are the usual suspects, the name-brand artists: Renoir, Monet, Vermeer. 
The other three artists you might not already know:

Bierstadt is one of the greatest painters of the American landscape, especially famous for his luminist California paintings. This will be one of our first landscape paintings.
Roesen is a famous 19th century flower and fruit still-life painter. The 19th century flower still-lifes are a little more romantic and glowing than the 16th century Old Netherlandish ones. Lot of great, colorful detail on this one.

Spencer Gore is perhaps the least well-known of these six painters. Gore was a Brit who only lived to 35 (dying in 1914), but did some fantastic post-impressionist work. He took the trail blazed by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gaugin, bringing his own expertise and ideas about color and light. The Tate has a good article on Gore. 

Spencer Gore's Icknield Way:

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