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12 Winners from our 2020 Customer Review Writing Contest

A well-written customer review is a shining light, helping you figure out which puzzles are good matches for you, and inspiring us all.   The last few years we've given out...

A well-written customer review is a shining light, helping you figure out which puzzles are good matches for you, and inspiring us all.  

The last few years we've given out awards for customer review writing. We always ask external folks to judge.  In the past, the judges have been authors, puzzle collectors, and winners of past contests.

This year, we opened it up to the thousands of customers who get our email Gazette (which you can sign up after you order, look for the link above the puzzle survey), and let them nominate the reviews that they felt deserved rewards.  A big thank you to everyone who nominated!

To be eligible, reviews had to be written on this webpage from Oct 15, 2019-Oct 15, 2020.  And yes, we'll be running this contest again this year, and to enter, all you have to do is write a well-written review!

We got more nominations than we could give rewards for, so final choices were made based on strength of the nomination statements, and we limited it to only one award per writer.  

Each winner will receive a $50 credit to spend on Artifact Puzzles or the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club.  

If you wrote one of these reviews, please email us at to claim your prize!

You can read the reviews and more at the bottom of each puzzle's page.


LL's Review of Ito Jakura's Plum Blossoms

Nominator said: Beautiful haiku review and so right: "frustration and joy" is the perfect description of this puzzle!


K*'s Review of Ito Jakura's Plum Blossoms

Nominator said: Enjoyed reading this person’s creative review about their approach to working a difficult puzzle.


Timothy Wright's Review of Jethro Buck's Forest

Nominator said: The review was so overwhelming entertaining! He had me in stitches, and I enjoyed reading it several times. Yes, it also tempted me to buy the puzzle, and I did! Also, he helped me find the tiny hermit sitting in the cave--not sure I would have found that without Timothy's guidance.  


Barbara and Larry Hauser's Review of Jethro Buck Forest 

Nominator said: Such a well-rounded descriptive review made me want to experience working the puzzle too!


Stunning's Review of Jethro Buck Forest

Nominator said: Loved the whimsy in this review!

Nominator saidGreat description of what the more expensive Ecru puzzles are liked, and loved the magical realism of this review.  Enchanted me into choosing this puzzle, and I loved it!


Helen's Review of Mystery Puzzle #11:

Nominator saidA Haiku for a Japanese print...brilliant. And nicely done.

Nominator said: Lovely haiku review that was dead-on about "Subtle blues in countless ways," which made me knew this was a good puzzle for me!


Barbara H's Review of After The Tiger Hunt

Nominator saidReview makes the puzzle sound like it would be an interesting and challenging to work.


Hazel Altan's Review of Klimt Hope:

Nominator saidBecause of the sheer joy she conveys. How she seems to truly engage with the puzzle. How she loves it.


Sszelc's Review of Roch Urbaniak Sage of Yamatai

Nominator said: detailed description of interesting features of puzzle


EK's Review of Franz Marc Cat

Nominator said: Very helpful and descriptive review that made the puzzle seem like it would be fun to work.


Jennifer Carson's Review of Bruegel's Noah's Ark

Nominator said: Very humorous play on words using animal names! Also very helpful with the description of the pieces.


Michele's Review of Hues of Zion

Nominator said: Appreciated the enthusiasm and useful details in this review, it actually helped me decide NOT to buy this puzzle as it sounded too hard for me!


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