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Ecru Puzzles - Angela Gomes Monet Garden Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Ecru Puzzles - Angela Gomes Monet Garden Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is a 214 piece Ecru wooden jigsaw puzzle of a 21st century painting by Brazilian folk artist Angela Gomes (winner of the Audience Choice Award of 10th Naif Festival in 2017).

Our Ecru puzzles line has a matte finish for reduced glare.

This puzzle, designed by Jef Bambas, includes themed rainforest whimsies that complement the bright and colorful artwork.

This puzzle harder than average - the complex interlocking connectors, which are mostly but not entirely unique, increase the challenge.

Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" thick laser-cut wood and made in the USA. Packaged in a blue box with a magnetic clasp.

7.5" by 14.25"

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Name: Isabelle
Review: Monet's garden with its iconic bridge and lily pads meets the jungle. Very lush vegetation that is in focus on the right bottom quarter and tends to be fuzzy elsewhere: it gives an impressionistic feel, whereas the naive depiction of people makes it more on the folk art side. It's an interesting and unusual mix. The festival of colors makes it really enjoyable, whimsies are cute. Lots of pieces are fitting together even though they are not supposed to be connected, and I was stuck many times until I was hit by these moments of "wait a minute!". I was able to fix my errors by moving some pieces around. Challenging!
Name: J.araujo naif
Review: Very good painting and a great artist who represents naif Brazilian art through her works. Her sublime paintings portray Brazilian people's everyday life and traditions. J. Araujo naif - Brazil.
Name: Evelyn
Review: LOVED putting together this puzzle, and the final image is gorgeous. Agreed with the other reviewer that paying close attention to the image when putting the pieces together matters a ton. Took about 4 hours to put together, so not too difficult.
Name: Tonia Feiner
Review: Beautiful Ecru puzzle. I really enjoyed this one due to the unusual puzzle pieces. It took a while to get the hang of fitting them together and as the connectors are not all unique, I had to be careful in looking at the small details of the image to make sure I was on the right track. I enjoyed the journey of putting this one together - not super difficult - challenge was just right! Quality of cut, design, and image was great.
Name: CT
Review: Dear puzzlers, please be aware that this picture is a bit unusual comparing to other Artifact Puzzles. The left side of the picture is a bit blurry and overall the picture is not as crisp as other Ecru puzzles. The puzzle still has a great design and cut, but if you mind about the picture quality, I'd suggest to stay away from this one, sadly...

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