BCB Puzzles - Grannys Attic Hand-cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 275.00


This old-timey ~150 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is hand-cut in Indiana from thick 1/4" wood by Brookie Biglands of BCB Puzzles. 

Like many an attic, this one has a Christmas tree and Santa hidden in it, for a fun bit of holiday cheer. 

This puzzle does NOT have a picture on the box!

This puzzle is in her bamboozled style, which means first you put together the frame of the attic (pictured), and then you have to figure out how the different whimsy pieces fit into the attic. There are lots of drop-outs (empty places) between the whimsy pieces, making this a significantly harder challenge than its small size would indicate.  

(If you have done Stave Teaser puzzles, this is a similar style of puzzle, and on the easier end of the Stave difficulty scale). 

This is a very different puzzling experience, so it's hard to predict how hare you will find it - some people will find this really hard, but others will find it just a bit of a fun challenge. 

The colorful, sweet artwork is by Brookie's mom, Kaaren Biglands, and was created especially for this puzzle. 

What If I Lose A Piece? If a piece gets lost, BCB Puzzles will try to re-cut a piece to match, if they can do it, they charge $50, plus you need to ship them the puzzle to work with. Note it may not be possible to replace pieces for other hand-cut puzzles. 

Note: Because this puzzle is hand-cut and each puzzle is unique, the piece count will vary, but will be approximately 150 pieces.

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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