Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Artifact Puzzles - Rachell Sumpter Chinatown Quadtych Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Rachell Sumpter Chinatown Quadtych Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 227.00

This 1,121 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features the color-spectacular ChinaTown by Rachell Sumpter. The painting is a quadtych - click through the alternate images to see all 4 panels.  This puzzle features a buffet of chinatown-themed whimsies, from karate masters to pagodas, with T-shaped connectors. Each of the four panels has straight edge. Puzzle design by Matt Lyon and Jef Bambas.  Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in USA. Total size: 41" x 13" (four 10" x 13" panels).

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Name: a gilbert
Review: I loved working on this puzzle. It was interesting, challenging but not impossible to the point where I was talking to myself and muttering at the puzzle before I was finished. Sorting is key. I like big complicated puzzles and would be very happy if after things settle down Artifact decides to make more of these very large puzzles that need more than a day or so to put together.
Name: S Lynn
Review: My partner is on his second round of putting this puzzle together. It’s basically four panels of puzzle in one deeper than usual box. Space management of piece piles is an issue because of this. Though he doesn’t care for the image (finds it dull while I find it busy and exciting), he loves the challenge. The shapes aren’t our favorite but still interesting. Live the quality and engagement level of these puzzles. Will never go back to traditional jigsaw puzzles. I’m bad at those but decent at these.
Name: dan buck
Review: My wife is an avid puzzler, she about died when she saw this. It took her and her mother about 3 weeks of sunday puzzling sessions to complete. The pieces are gorgeous, well made and the puzzle was a joy to put together. Worth every penny!
Name: Michael Brandt
Review: What a treat this is! When I first saw it online I blinked twice to make sure I really was seeing 4 digits in the number of pieces (and blinked again at the price). If you’re like me who likes large, challenging puzzles that will take days of concentrated effort to solve then my recommendation is to just bite the bullet on the price and get it anyway. I can’t imagine you will be disappointed. The very first puzzling thing you will notice when you pour the pieces out of the box is that the pictures on the website and the box cover are not strictly accurate representations of the appearance of the completed puzzle. This is a good thing! The pictures understate rather than overstate. I figured (correctly) that the mysteries would resolve themselves eventually as the puzzle neared completion. My habit is to solve puzzles without ever looking at the box picture. Thus, I found the hardest parts to be the greenery and the complicated details of the city buildings. A strategy that worked well for me was to take the time at the beginning to sort the pieces into 3 categories, whimsy pieces, pieces that connected directly to them, and then all the rest. It took a good while before I had enough subassemblies built up to be confident which panel they were in and positioning the evolving panels correctly left to right. The piece shapes are interesting, mostly polygonal with many short straight line segments all joined at right angles. It took me a little while to get a proper pattern recognition mindset established and make faster progress. I worked on this for 4 days of late mornings and afternoons to the exclusion of nearly everything else besides eating and sleeping, even missing a lunch one day because I was going to do “just a few more pieces”. This puzzle has everything I like in spades, an interesting image, a lot of pieces, and an interesting construction pattern. If there were 6 stars available I would rank it that way. Try it, you’ll like it! Michael Brandt
Name: Lynne Metzger
Review: This is a spectacular puzzle! Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's worth it. Many, many hours of sheer delight.