Artifact Puzzles - Kozyndan Forest Dreams Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 60.00


This is a mindful 216 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of "Forest Dreams" by Kozyndan.

The design by Ashley Boyd has lots of animal and hiker whimsies - some of which are multi-piece - and an irregular smooth edge following the edge of the picture, so you can pick out the edge pieces, but the edge is not straight. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box!

The pieces are irregular square-ish shapes, with a variety of connectors including knob, reverse mushroom curl, and earlet connectors.

We hope you'll enjoy it so much you'll dream about it!

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood.

Packaged in a blue box with magnetic clasp.

Made in USA.

11.75" by 14"

This was formerly the secret Individuals 2022 Speed Contest Puzzle.

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

Released April 2022

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Name: changed her mind
Review: This is the first jigsaw puzzle I got my mom to do with me, she was convinced she had no interest in jigsaw puzzles which she felt were a waste of time, but this changed her mind, and we have done a few more together, and I am very thankful for that experience.
Name: Tyler, Ar
Review: I would give this puzzle a "fair"
Name: Rachel and Aaron Cato
Review: Oh dear, some super speedy puzzlers finished this one insanely fast! We're not rookies by any means, but holy cow! Aaron worked this one for the contest and I worked later by myself. This is just such a peaceful scene, this is a hike that looks so enjoyable (so long as that bear and wolf stay where they are!) We both really enjoyed this one but would have liked it better as a square image instead of the silhouette.
Name: Barbara and Larry Hauser
Review: In this puzzle, we are welcomed to a very enchanting wilderness scene held in the mind of the creative individual depicted here! We are able to enter their special Forest Dream, and share visions of their campsite by the bubbling brook, the relaxing hammock that awaits them on return from their hike, and the numerous woodland creatures who share this serene environment. There is not even a mosquito to be found in this idyllic spot! We did not finish this puzzle in 30 minutes like some of the Speedy People, but instead enjoyed a delightful, leisurely ramble, which is more typical of our style. We love this image and the creativity of placing the scene inside the mind of the Dreamer!! We recommend it for an easier puzzling journey when you need a break from the Toughies!
Name: Margaret
Review: I just love the smaller-sized puzzles that I can sit and do solo. This one is a pleasure with a lovely image and unique shape. It's not hard for an experienced puzzler and it would be a nice one to do with older children. It would make a great gift as well.