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Artifact Puzzles - Geography Buff Liv Wan Map Pack

Artifact Puzzles - Geography Buff Liv Wan Map Pack

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New 2022!  

An educational set of our 5 Liv Wan illustrated map puzzles, with 385-441 pieces each: Africa, Australia, China, India, and Italy. 

This pack is a ten percent savings over buying the five puzzles separately.

Each map by Liv Wan has clearly marked country names, major landmarks, and famous local foods, along with cute illustrations that will engage puzzlers of all ages and improve your geography while having fun!

The puzzle designs vary, but each of these puzzles has lots of themed whimsies, and simple puzzle puzzles pieces that don't interrupt the maps too much, with diverse connectors. All of these puzzles are average hard, except Africa is a bit harder than average. 

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood.

Packaged in an unfinished pine wood box with sliding lid and the puzzle name engraved on the side. 

Made in USA (specifically these puzzles are Made in Port Townsend, Washington). 

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