Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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April 17 Speed-Puzzling At-Home Contest

April 17 Speed-Puzzling At-Home Contest

$ 55.00

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Contest puzzles have been mailed out - do NOT open the shipping box until you are told to do so. 

How Many Contestants Will There Be?: 140 people signed-up across the two categories (Individual and Pairs), so we're guessing we'll have ~70 contestants in each category. 

We're partnering with Speed Puzzling to bring you a fastest-time puzzle contest you can do at home using Zoom. As far as we know, this is the first virtual wooden jigsaw puzzle contest ever! Join us and make history! 

Individuals/Pair Categories: You pick if you'd like to complete solo (Individuals) or in a team of 2 by showing up on Zoom (link will be sent) at the right time.  


  • Contest happens Saturday April 17, 11:30am CDT for Pairs and 2:30pm CDT for Individuals
  • The puzzle and directions arrive early April.  Do NOT open the white shipping box

What:  In early April, everyone will get shipped the same never-before-seen Artifact wood jigsaw puzzle of 220-250 pieces, opens up their boxes at the same time on Zoom, and whoever's fastest wins! Do NOT open the white shipping box! You keep the wooden puzzle. 

Cost:  $55/entry, mostly goes to cover the cost of the wooden jigsaw puzzle, which you get to keep, and a bit to cover the costs of running the contest. It's the same $55 cost whether you enter as an Individual or Pair. 

Prizes: Yes! Four prizes for each of the Individual and Pairs categories:

How To Register:  Just purchase this product. 

More Details: 

  • We'll ship you the puzzle early April. 
  • Do NOT open the white shipping box!
  • The puzzle is a new Artifact Puzzles that has never been seen before, and will not be listed or available for sale on the Artifact Puzzles website.
  • The puzzle will be average hard, maybe even on the easy side, as we expect the best puzzlers to be able to complete it in a couple of hours. 
  • We'll email contestants a link a few days before to join the Zoom meeting on April 17th.
  • The judges will check each contestant’s camera setup and that they have not opened the white shipping box guarding the puzzle.
  • There will be brief instructions given,and everyone will open their shipping box and remove the wrapping LIVE, on camera.
  • Then we will start the timer, and everyone will puzzle simultaneously.
  • Pairs contest starts at 11:30am CDT,  the contest for Individuals starts at 2:30pm CDT on  Saturday April 17.
  • You must choose ONE category to participate in, either Individual or Pairs. We will email everyone in early April and you'll have to commit to which category then. 
  • After the contest is over, and all entries have been verified, we will post the
    rankings, names, and completion times of all participants. Bragging rights!!
  • Puzzling Tools: Sorting trays and box top holders are allowed. Other tools
    (spatulas, magnifying glasses, cell phone cameras) are NOT.

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