Artifact Puzzles - August Macke Double-Sided Farbige Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 38.00


This double-sided 79-piece abstract wooden jigsaw puzzle has abstract curvaceous puzzle pieces to keep abstract minds busy. The same image appears on both sides (rotated), making this extra hard. It is said that this 1912 painting by German Expressionist August Macke was a homage to Johann Sebastian Bach. This puzzle has a straight edge. All our puzzles are made of layers of hard and soft woods, and are roughly 1/4" thick. Comes packaged in a small box with a magnetic clasp.

  • 79 pieces
  • 7" x 8.5"
  • laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USAA

    Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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    Name: River
    Review: This was fun!! It was my first well-made double-sided puzzle and I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a quick solve (about an hour? didn't time), but very intense. Very trippy. Highly recommend doing at least one double-sided puzzle at some point, it's an excellent experience. For the most part it's a LOT harder than a normal puzzle experience of course, but sometimes you get placement hints when you recognize parts from the other side...very intense.
    Name: Dawn
    Review: Brilliant puzzle. I will doing another of these.
    Name: Margaret
    Review: I really enjoyed this one! It’s the perfect puzzle to sit down with, block out everything else and complete in one sitting. The colors are brilliant and the pieces have cool shapes and aside from being intimidated in the beginning, once the border was complete it came together nicely. This is an awesome little puzzle that would make a nice gift too!
    Name: Sue Blumberg
    Review: Very enjoyable. Challenging within a limited time frame, given its size. Great puzzle when you need a quick puzzle fix.
    Name: Timothy Wright
    Review: This is real bargain based on fun per dollar invested. Artifact rates the puzzle “Really Hard”, I have a few Artifact puzzles I never finished, a few I had difficulty even starting. I don’t this puzzle was all that difficult. Engaging, absorbing, put me in a mental state where I blocked out the rest of the world for 80 minutes? Yes. This is a double sided puzzle, so at any given time the one piece you need, will be wrong side up. Another reviewer reported that he could discern one side from another. I never got that sorted out properly. The colors seem to have the same amplitude and finish. Three hole bricks have a top side and a bottom, many plywood standards have an interior and exterior side. If there is a simple way to sort pieces by which side is up I could not tell with the example I purchased. In particular the wood underneath in cross section was symmetrical. There are no whimsical pieces. The border pieces are straight edged so the puzzle has a normal rectilinear edge. The fit and finish in every respect up to the highest Artifact standards. The art work is the same on both sides. If you turn the finished puzzle like a page in a book the result will be the same image only upside down. For the modest price, the fun and frustration, you want this small puzzle in your private collection. Most Artifact puzzles are amenable to sharing the experience with a friend; this one may be the exception. With half the pieces always wrong side up I suspect if I shared my puzzle table with an alter ego and someone was constantly turning the pieces over, one of us might get hurt. I’ll share this puzzle with the nicest most loving couple I know, they never argue, and I’ll report any incidental carnage. (Spoilers) The whole puzzle is only 79 pieces; the edge pieces are not greatly disguised. Do them first. It will seem at first like you have two of everything, you don’t, one version is upside down. So if you sort by color-pattern make two of many things. (for example) if you have two left ears, flip one group over and it will be a right boot. I was fortunate, this came together for me in 80 minutes, or one piece per minute. It was a most engaging and delightful 80 minutes.