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New Puzzle! Joe Vaux's Season of the Rabbit

Joe Vaux's Season of the Rabbit shows a focused white rabbit astride a mean tortoise hunting scared natives. We asked Joe Vaux how he got the idea, and he told us,   "All my life I have felt a deep sadness for the way humans treat the other creatures of the planet.  Every once in a while I paint images where the animal kingdom in my head is allowed bloody vengeance. Season of the Rabbit is my version of the English fox hunt turned inside out."     For me,  it's a tightly-composed comical tragedy that illustrates the power of co-operation over competition through the...

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New Puzzle! Thomas Cole's The Past

A little over a year ago, I asked my sister what she thought would make a good puzzle and she suggested castles. I started searching for nice paintings of castles and mostly came up with photographs, or the Disney castle. However, a few months ago, I got lucky and stumbled upon The Past by Thomas Cole. This image not only has a lovely, detailed castle, but the excitement of a joust in the foreground. There are small details throughout the painting which keep the eye moving and the mind wondering what else is happening in the painting. The whimsy pieces...

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Wabi Sabi and the Kozyndan Bunny Blossoms New Puzzle

"Wabi sabi" is my favorite artistic concept. It's a silly sounding word, but in fact "wabi sabi" is a rather serious aethestic that translates from Japanese as something like "withered nature."Wabi sabi refers to the beauty of impermanence and the manifestation of natural effects beyond our control. Old weathered wood doors and exposed wood beams. Simple clay tea cups. Celebrating the nature of things rather than trying to mask their imperfections. The idea of wabi sabi was supposedly invented by a Japanese tea-master some 700 years ago, in reaction to the rococo-like over-ornamentation of his time. My favorite part of...

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New Survey Up, and Old Survey Results

We put up a new survey to get opinions on possible new puzzles (when you buy a puzzle, the survey pops up automatically if you haven't taken it before). The new survey includes: abstract art, Indian miniatures, Joe Vaux, Justin Hillgrove, and painter Kevin Sloane (who is a pop-surrealist mix of artists John James Audobon, Walton Ford, and Martin Heade).  Thanks to everyone who took the last survey. Many people liked many of the paintings in that survey, in particular, we hope to bring you Merriam's Moon in the next year or so; the Scott Campbell Orchestral-Battle should be available...

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Flower Children:

We've got our adorable Flower Children puzzle back in-stock to help welcome spring. This is the cute side of "vintage". We have two versions of this puzzle, one with 110 huge pieces for doing with children, and a more adult 510 piece version. It's a nice puzzle to do with kids because they can match pieces by color, and each flower has a poem to read together. Both the kid and adult version have adorable spring-themed whimsy pieces, and even a few tulip-shaped connectors. This puzzle shows 26 of Elizabeth Gordon's flower children illustrations from her 1910 book, along with...

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